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In one day, you can visit the must-see attractions in Dalian.

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Tiger Beach Ocean Park
Starting from Tiger Beach Ocean Park, a world of marine animals and birds, and a seaside resort. The Polar Pavilion is well worth a visit, and the 4D cinema is not bad.
Then you can head to the Corniche to enjoy the waterfront scenery. The Binhai Road is divided into four sections. There are many scenic spots on the road. The left side of the road is the mountain, the right side is the sea, really rely on the mountains by the sea, you can go hiking or driving.
Xinghai Square
In the afternoon, you can head to Xinghai Square, which is one of the city signs of Dalian and a great place to see the sea and night. It is full of food and drink, and there are rides on the beach. You can walk along the shore and blow the sea breeze. It feels great.
Russian style street
In the evening you can head to the Russian style street. It retains 38 buildings from the former Far East Belarus, and is the first street in China with Russian architectural styles of the 19th and 20th centuries. There are many Russian restaurants on the street and small shops selling Russian souvenirs. If you are interested, you can stroll around and have an authentic Russian lunch.

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